www.Stitch2Stitch.com Announcing The Wilcom v8.0 N is AVAILABLE NOW

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27 Март , 2004 в 23:54:25:

The Embroidery Greatest Group In the World...New Improvement /Offers/Embroidery Software
We are glad to announce that we have added some new stuff to our long embroidery stuff list...you will notice more improvements to our -already- magnificent www.Stitch2Stitch.com ... visit us and get our free Offers/Downloads...the new 2003 Design Collections...the new Embroidery Software....
Wilcom v8.0 N (The Full Version with Cross Stitch and Wilcom Design Explorer and Shiffli)
Tajima by Pulse v10.1.1.2200 (the latest)
Gunold Wings eXPerience v1.5 (The Highest Level With all the Options Enabled)
Tajima DGML v7.0 (The Full Version with Cross Stitch and Tajima Design Explorer)
Barudan Embroidery System v7.0 (The Full Version with Cross Stitch and Barudan Design Explorer)
Generation 2003 Build 266
Sierra Office EOD The latest Version (6.72)
Softeam Punto XP v6.1
Embird 2003 with plug ins (Alphabets,Iconizer,Digitizing Studio)
Compucon EOS the new one
Compucon Barudan TES
Husqvarna Viking the Latest VIP Professional v6.1,6.2
Melco EDS IV v2.0 and v3.0
Gunold Wings 2000
GIS Basepac `21 Ver v4.01 (All modular)
Pe-Design v5.0
***And all the new 2003 Design Collections***
Great Notions Design Collection 2004
Dakota Design Collections 2003
Gunold Heirloom Design Collection
Gunold Monogram Design Collection
Disney Design Collection
OESD Oklahoma
Janome Design Collection
Compucon Anthology Design Collection
The Amazing Design Collection
Sports Embroidery Design Collection
And Also the Best Sewing Software in the world
.---All the above are just some of our 2003 Updates not all of our List---
For more information please visti us www.stitch2stitch.com
Or just email us at : sales@stitch2stitch.com
For all of you and our clients...Thank You for your Trust and your being there for us …..we promise to be always the best…and to be always here for you.
P.s All of our client are allowed to upgrade their software just when the new version of the software is available.
Thank You


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